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Today I found out that the husband of one of my professors died on the weekend. He was only 40 and they have(had?) two children together. Anyway, I can't even imagine going through that. I heard that he died of a heart attack after/while playing hockey. I guess he just skated off the ice and collapsed and died right there. I am not sure if my professor/ the children were there, but that would for sure be worse.
A few people are talking about going to the wake, but I am not sure. I want to show my sympathies to my professor. Especially because I feel closer to this teacher. She is the one who I had for both HR courses last year, the one that told me about the post-grad program and a fellow graduate of Trent. I keep thinking that it would be kinda awkward to go to the wake and see her and her children... crying. I don't think you should see your teachers crying. So, for that reason, I am torn as to what to do. Anyway, the whole situation just breaks my heart.

you are the one I've been waiting for ...

I am really enjoying being able to share my evenings with Rob again. It had been lovely. So far, I have been able to prepare dinner while he is finishing work/coming home and then we have been able to eat together in our "new" dining room. Monday night's Jamaican chicken was lovely. I made a mango salsa to go with it and it was all very yummy. Tuesday night we enjoyed a Pad Thai, which I have never even ventured to try before. But, it was great! It had shrimp and tofu in it, and Rob didn't complain at all about the tofu being in there. I was very impressed with my first venture towards asian-inspired cuisine. Tonight was a bit of a cop-out because I made a "heat and serve" dinner, but it was good - chicken cordon swiss and stuffed potato. Regardless, it was still good and we still enjoyed a lovely meal together.

I am impatiently waiting for our new couch to come in. I can't wait to see the living room transformed with a new couch. I am looking forward to getting rid of this old futon and get a more comfortable piece of furniture in here. I love how our dining room looks with the new chairs, and I am sure that by just getting rid of the unnecessary furniture our living room will be opened up.

In other news, I am going to Toronto this weekend to visit Julia. I am looking forward to it. Sounds like it will be a busy weekend, but it should be fun. I am coming home early-ish on Sunday and will be able to spend the rest of the weekend doing homework and spending time with Rob.

Well, I believe that is all for now...

good day with the boy...

So, today was Rob's and my day off together. We slept in til like 11. Which was great. We eventually wandered over to the Jiffy Grill for our usual Sunday breakfast. After breakfast, we hopped on a bus and went over to the Rio Can centre to check out JYSK and some other stores.
I have been wanting new living room furniture, so we were looking at their furniture. We found a couch we really like and we put our names on the waiting list for it. We really went there on the right day, because it was the final day of their student sale. So, we were able to get it noted that the couch would be 15% when it finally comes in. So, that is a bonus.

After browsing JYSK, we wandered through the La-z-Boy gallery and saw a few recliners that we really liked, but all of them were really out of our price range. Finally, we ended up at Home Outfitters and found a really great deal on dining room chairs. We ended up having a really great shopping spree at Home Outfitters and got two dining room chairs, two sets of jersey cotton sheets, a new garbage for the bathroom and a small side table for the living room. We got the sheets buy one get one free and we got the sidetable at 50% off because it was a floor model.

So, after Home Outfitters we came home and set up the dining chairs and changed the set up in the living room.

New set upCollapse )
Right now, we are looking forward to clearing out the clutter of having the extra furniture in our living room and getting our new couch (which probably wont be for a few weeks).

So, tonight for dinner I made an asian stir-fry chicken wrap and we ate it at our dining room table on our new chairs. I really hope the new chairs get us eatting at the table every night. Also, with Rob being home every night for dinner, it would be nice to eat at the table together.

I currently have chicken marinating in a Jamaican marniade for dinner tomorrow night.

Ok, Seriously...

Ok, so no dinner pics to post, but I am going to update with my account of the first week back-to-school.

Ok, so Tuesday was the orientation day. It was only a few hours. I was pleased to discover that everyone in the program is my age (ok there abouts). No more 17 year olds who don't do their work. Everyone in the program seems really nice. Of course it is only the first week.

Wednesday was my first class. Training and Development. I am really looking forward to it. The professor is this like 60 year old who loves to tell stories from his vast HR experience. But, I am very interested in training as a career path, thus I am very interested in this class.

Thursday was Compensation. I am really looking forward to this class because it is with a professor that I had last year for both HR classes and she and I get along really well. Plus I got 100% on the major assignments each semester. So, now I am aiming for the hat-trick.

Friday was Recruitment and Selection. I was really dreading this class because it is taught by this professor that I didn't have a very experience with last year. Anyway, I was so pleased with the class. I think this class will be very interesting.

This coming week I still have to have my first Managerial Accounting class and Labour Relations. I am actually looking forward to Accounting, because I did pretty well in accounting last year. Also, Labour Relations is supposed to be a pretty interesting course as well.

So, that is really the week in a nutshell. I am really excited for this year. My only nerves right now are about group work. I hate getting groups together. But, I am not afraid to be randomly placed with people in this program because I really think they are all going to be great to work with.
Also, so far work is going well. I am managing school and work. In fact, yesterday I did an amazing job. I got through a ton of boxes of product. I was pleased with myself.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Rob and I will both have the day off and I am just looking forward to spending time with him. I would love to be able to browse JYSK or Chapters with him. Hopefully he is up for it. :) 

Anyway, I believe that is all.

wow, 3 dinners in 3 days...

So, last night I made Spinach and Ricotta Cheese stuffed pasta shells or, as Crazy Plates calls it, She Sells Stuffed Shells. It was very yummy and not that hard to make either!

Pics!Collapse )
It doesn't really look like much on the plate, but it was very filling. I even had enough to take leftovers for lunch today. I ate them ate work before I had to go to class and the assistant manager even commented that she didn't think I'd made them.
Very impressed.

Tonight, I made a frittata and ate bacon on the side. It didn't look that great on the plate, and thus no picture. But it was very good.

Now, what will I make tomorrow night?

Dinner for the last day of summer....

This isn't an Eat, Shrink and Be Merry recipe, but it was very yummy.
Bacon-Wrapped, Goat Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breasts
with green beans and feta cheese on the side.... Yumm. 240

And for dessert? A chocolate popsicle.

Aug. 31st, 2008

Hilarious quote of the day: "amniotic fluid doesn't have ice cubes and a lemon wedge".
                                                                                                           - Susan on Desperate Housewives
That is all.

Aug. 27th, 2008

I  am so excited to start school. I went back-to-school shopping this evening and I bought notebooks, pens, and a file folder for school and this mail organizer. I am such a nerd because I thoroughly enjoyed organizing my bills when I got home. 

I feel like I have very little going on right now. Yesterday I went to the school and sorted out my OSAP payment. I should have the money in my bank account by next Friday. Yay money! I hope I do get the money asap because I have bills to pay and I want to get my books so I can start readings and stuff. 

Last week, I made a super yummy peach pie. It had a streusel topping and I was really pleased with how it turned out. 

Also, I have been horrible with my taking pictures of my dinners. Mostly because this week I haven't been making dinners. I have to get back into for school though. I want to be able to have leftovers for my school lunches. I am so pleased because Rob will be working a normal day shift starting in a few weeks. This means that he and I will both be home for dinner around the same time. The way my schedule is this semester, I plan to make dinners later at night and then go to school in the morning and work on homework/eat lunch at school. I am only concerned about my Friday class though, because it is an early morning class. I am hoping to get up early most mornings so my body will be on a schedule for Friday mornings. I really need to start changing my sleep patterns so I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.... 
I did take pics of a really yummy salmon and asparagus dinner I made last week. The salmon marinated in a lime and cilantro mix for 30 minutes prior to grilling. I also grilled the asparagus. 

Anyway, I have to work the next two days and I am hoping that the rest of the week goes by quickly. On September 2nd I have an orientation meeting for my program and on September 3rd I have my first day of classes.

food update

 Ok, so life got in the way, and I didn't make dinner for a while. I did make a yummy dinner of salmon with lemon cream sauce and asparagus on Monday, but I didn't have time to take a picture of it. :( 
Tuesday, I spent all day making

and didn't have the energy to make a decent dinner afterwards. 

Anyway, I am back with avengance today and I made a top-notch, low-fat dinner. 

I am so not looking forward to work tomorrow. I actually have to work on the floor and it is just me and my manager for almost the whole afternoon. That would be fine, but it's Saturday and I am anticipating the store being busy. Grr. 

I got my school schedule and book list today. I am so pumped for back-to-school. It is my last year of school and I hope it goes amazing. I want try to get involved and be at the top of people's minds when it comes time for job-hunting. I am so interested to see what this school year brings and how I do in the field of Human Resources. :) 

Anyway, I believe that is all for now!

amazing weekend

I had such a great weekend! It started on Saturday with my parents picking Rob and I up around noon and we drove to Burlington for a wedding/family/fun weekend. We got to Burlington around 5 and hung out with my mom's family for the evening. It was just relaxing and fun. It was nice to have some fun with family and not have to think about work/jobs, or lack thereof. 

Sunday was my cousin's wedding so Rob and I just hung out at my aunt's in the morning and enjoyed my aunt's beautiful new bathroom/shower. Then the family headed to hamilton for the wedding. A hilarious moment was when we were in the middle of the ceremony and my brother whispers "oh, shit" and I am like "what the heck? shhh" and later I found out that my brother was saying "oh shit" because he had put my aunt's phone in his pocket at her house and forgotten to take it out. We thought that was funny but also that it would have been even funnier if the phone had actually started to ring. lol. I was nervous through the first half of the reception because I knew that we had to give away Elvis and I was nervous about it. Luckily, we did it and Rob did all the talking. Phew. Now Elvis belongs to my cousin. Anyway, the wedding had an open bar which was great and the bartender made really yummy signature cocktails. The party ended early but we stayed til almost the end.

On Monday, Rob and I took the GO train into Toronto and went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). That was great fun. The ROM is a huge museum with TONS to see. It was overwhelming trying to see everything. After checking out the ROM, Rob and I met up with Julia and Craig and had dinner at a fun restaurant called The Loose Moose. After dinner I felt so stuffed I thought I was going to be sick, so we ended up going back to my aunt's place. We hung out with my family for a bit but everyone seemed to be tired Monday night. One highlight was near the end of the night when Rob and I hung out in my aunt's pool all alone. Nothing nasty happened but it was just really lovely and romantic. My aunt has nice lights out there, the stars were out and she has a hot tub. Very relaxing. :) 

Tuesday we had to head back to Kingston, but our train didn't leave until 6pm so we headed into Toronto to spend the day. We had intended to check out the Science Centre, but we didn't quite know where we were going and we needed to make sure we didn't miss our train. So, instead we went to the CN Tower, which we could easily walk to from the train station. The CN Tower was PACKED. It was crazy. I had been there about 7 years ago and I don't remember it being that busy when I was there before. But we managed the crowds and got up in the tower. I liked being able to be outside, but didn't like the wire grates that blocked the view so I prefered the view from the inside lookout. Rob had never been up in the CN tower so it was cool to be there with him. After the CN Tower Rob and I hung out and got some food and waited for our train. We finally made it back into Kingston at around 9:30 Tuesday night. 

I had to work on Wednesday and I was super tired but it was nice to get back to work. I actually had a chat with the assistant manager at Ricki's on Thursday and we decided that I am going to have a change of role at work. Instead of being a sales associate I am going to work mainly in the stock room organizing boxes of product and getting it ready for the visual set up and keep the back room neat and organized. I am hoping that this job change helps me out at work. I am enthusiatic about the company and the product, I am just horrible at selling it. It would be great if I worked solely in the back and helped make everyone's jobs in the front easier. For example, if all the product is organized and easy to find, then the associates can help sell it - even though it is in the back. I know that is a frustrating part of retail, when someone is looking for something that we don't have, or that we don't have the right size/colour in anymore. 

Anyway, I believe that is all for now.