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first week back: a success

Well, the first week back to school is over and my first two days at placement have come and gone. Monday and Tuesday I had class and Wednesday Thursday I had placement and then I had Friday off. The first day back was good, I was proud of myself for actually going. The weather outside was horrible and the entire ground was covered with a layer of ice. Luckily, the ice was kinda rough and it wasn't slippery. My classes were ok. Tuesday is the worst day; eight hours of class with only a one hour break. I've got all my groups in place which is nice. I am working with a lot of the same people I worked with last semester, which is nice, because I know we work well together.

Wednesday was my first day of placement. It was actually kinda boring. I don't think they were 100% ready for me, since it was their third day back from holidays. Anyway, I didn't do much, I worked on some attendance stuff, that's about it. Thursday was a better day. I was busy all day working on typing up some of their processes for certain tasks that are done in the office. I am hoping that next week I will get to start working on the hiring competition (which is the whole reason I accepted this placement). Two people from my program work in the same building, but for a different area, so I had lunch with them on Thursday and that was lovely.

Yesterday, Rob and I were both off (actually we are both off all weekend) so we just hung out. We went to the mall for a bit and I bought some new shoes and a new top. Today we have been hanging out inside because it is freezing outside. But we did go out briefly for some groceries and cat food. Tomorrow I foresee more inside hanging out and probably going out for breakfast. I love weekends...