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enough with the thoughtless memes...

Ok, I figured I should post a real update, since my holidays are almost over and I haven't written a real entry in weeks.

So I go back to school on Monday and I am nervous/excited about it. First, I have an intense schedule on Mondays and Tuesdays, class almost all day from 8:30-5:30. Then, I have placement on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-4:00. I can just tell that by the end of Thursday I will be dead tired. Anyway, I don't have class on Friday but I just know that everyone in my class is going to be scheduling group meetings for that day, since we all have it off. Regardless of the fact that my new schedule looks daunting, I am excited to tackle this new challenge. I am excited because there are only 4 months left of school and then I get to job hunt and dive into the working world.

It felt like the longest wait between my last exam and Christmas, but Christmas finally came and I had a great time. I went to my parents' house for the 23rd, 24th, and 25th then on the 25th we went to my grandparents' house for Christmas dinner. Rob had to work the night of the 24th, so he didn't get to go to my parents but he did join us for dinner. I got some great gifts, including a homemade ottoman cover from my mom, a pasta pot from my parents that has a colander and veggie steamer, a cotton robe (which I had been looking for forever!), and money for work clothes. In the Boxing Day sales, I bought a blazer, a vest, and dress pants for under $80. I saved like $100 on the three pieces, so that was a score.

 Our Christmas tree and some other decorations

 Me on Christmas morning, wide awake at 7am (I am still such a kid). Checkout my awesome Christmas PJs - they are fleece and so comfy!

  My new ottoman cover
  My mom and I with our matching pasta pots

On the 27th, I went to my mom's family Christmas. Almost everyone was there, except my grandparents (who are in Florida for the winter) and Rob (Who had to work).  It was great. We played this awesome new Wii game called Outdoor Challenge. It has all these active challenges that you complete on a mat. I am thinking I might want to buy that game, it was so challengiing, but also fun. Except, I think it is a versus game, so I would have to get Rob to play against me. The fun started to go downhill on the 28th, when it seemed like one thing after another went wrong. My dad got a stomach flu, the power went out, my aunt slipped on an icy patch and hurt her back/neck, my uncle chipped his tooth.... Anyway, we were desperate to get out of there on the 28th and get back home before things got any worse.

I rang in the New Year with Tara. It was a quiet night, but there were some laughs. We played Trivial Pursuit and watched the ball drop on Dick Clark's Rockin Eve (Dick Clark is looking kinda scary after his stroke and I am not sure it was necessary for him to continue his hosting duties...). We watched Mamma Mia, that is a really great movie. It was so funny and up beat. I hope that is a preview of 2009.

Yesterday, I was invited to a Chinese food buffet with my grandparents and aunt and uncle. I went and we ate dinner at 4. After I got home, my whole evening was messed up. I kept thinking it was like 9pm, but really it was only 6. lol. But, after dinner I enjoyed a quick cuddle on the couch with Rob before he had to leave for work. We we watching the hockey game and he was asking me trivia questions from his new trivia book. It was lovely.

Right now, I am feeling pleased with myself because I have done some work around the apartment today, including "installing" some lights in my dark hall closet. That is where we keep most of our cleaning supplies and it was always so dark in there, so I bought those touch lights that just stick on the wall and now it is super bright in there. Yay! I also finally bought new light bulbs for our hallway light. That bulb has been burnt out for MONTHS, so I am happy to finally have a new bulb in there. New year, new bulbs!

Anyway, I believe that is the complete update! I will let y'all know how the first week back goes.